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If you're wondering what the "Acorn Web Ring" is, then you've come to the right page!

Basically, a web ring is simply a list of web pages linked one to each other. In this case, they are all RISC OS related pages. If you surf through all the sites in the ring, you will eventually come back to where you started again, thus the name of "ring".
The Acorn web ring was originally founded by David Horman and many thanks are due to him, not least in designing the Acorn web ring graphical logo.

So why use a Web Ring?

I suppose you could ask the web masters of all the participating sites to manually link to the next site, but I'm sure you'll agree that this would soon turn into a mammoth job. As the purpose is to promote and advertise RISC OS hardware and software, it's hoped that this ring will grow bigger and bigger - hence the need to an automated system of site management.

So what's in it for you?

If you've made a RISC OS related page, you are probably a RISC OS fan, like myself, and would like to advertise your site to as many different people as possible - all around the world. In an ideal world, you could email the maintainers of every RISC OS orientated web site and ask them nicely to link back to your page. This would soon become a nightmare to manage and organise, so here's your chance to get more people to see your pages! All you need to do is fill out the application form IF you satisfy all the rules first! Sorry, but there are rules...

So what's in it for me?

Nothing at all (unfortunately... ;-)

I'm doing this in my spare time and for free for the online RISC OS community. For me, this is the true "Internet spirit" where everyone helps out freely where he can. You see, when I first bought my Acorn, I was impressed by the friendly and helpful "Acorn community"; now it's my turn to give something back. I sincerely hope that you too will do something for the Acorn/RISC OS community one day. Please remember: "don't just take, but give also." Thank you!

The rules

If you want to get into the RISC OS users Web Ring, you must be sure that the following simple rules apply to you:

  • Your page is Acorn or RISC OS specific (do not enter your homepage's URL if it's not only about RISC OS! The link must go directly to an Acorn or RISC OS related page, so enter directly your Acorn page's URL).
  • You will maintain your RISC OS page(s).
  • You must be able to add some HTML lines on your page to make the ring's logo and navigation bar appear on your page.
  • Your page must ideally be readable with a RISC OS browser.
You're ready? So how does it work?

If you have read the rules and can comply to them, then you can click here to fill out a joining form. You will then be assigned a unique site ID and receive by email the HTML code fragment you need to put on your RISC OS related page (by default, design 2 below). Add this HTML code to your page as soon as possible (preferably at the bottom). It will create the RISC OS Web Ring logo and the correct information for your site (see the bottom of this page to see how it will look).

Once you've added the HTML code to your page, you are part of the ring.

Some examples code alternatives

There are many ways in which you can link into the ring. The code segment you receive when you join is only one way. As long as all the relevant links to navigate the ring are correct, the 'look and feel' of the code is up to you. Some examples below might give you a few ideas.

If you wish to examine the code required, please view the source code of this page.

Example 1
RISCOS WebRingThis RISC OS WebRing site is owned by Paul Vigay
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Example 2

The following segment is an alternative version which doesn't use tables - which may be worth using if you want your page to be accessible by the most people.

This RISC OS WebRing site belongs to Paul Vigay
[ Site -2 | Site -1 | Random Site | Site +1 | Site +2 | Site +5 ]
Want to join the ring? Find out how.

Example 3
Alternative Acorn Webring logoHere are some alternative graphics which you may like to use. The web ring logo on the left is better if you have a dark background to your page, whereas the logos on the right work well on most backgrounds. The choice is up to you, or indeed feel free to design your own ones. As long as the actual links work, the graphics are up to you! Next

Example 4
Webring Map

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